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Looking for social media services? We are performance Social Media Marketing Agency offering Facebook Advertising in Singapore.

Millions of people log into social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram every day! It is not enough by just having an optimized website in this rapidly changing technological world. If you are looking for more visibility on the internet, social media marketing is one of the best ways to do so.

With an effective social media marketing strategy, your business can:

  • Generate market leading customer engagement
  • Create more brand awareness
  • Encourage consistent website traffic
  • Assist new sales /Create new direct revenue stream

Social Media Marketing Agency Singapore

Professional Facebook Advertising Agency in Singapore


The new features in Facebook allow you to display your content to their highly targeted users!

Let our social media marketing team show you how to manage and run an effective Facebook Advertising campaign targeting prospects based on location, gender, age, interests and more because we not only target likes and comments but also create a rewarding Facebook Ad campaign to drive sales to your business.

Here is how we get your campaign started:

Facebook Pixel Installation

Set up pixel to track sales & leads, plus capture your audience for remarketing.


Custom Strategy

Segment target audience, tailor content to increase engagement and expand reach.


Execute plan with clear goals, measurable ROI and awesome creatives.



Keep audience hooked with ads based on their past website/page engagements.

Cost of Facebook Advertising Management Services


Campaign Planning & Set-up: $400
Monthly Management: $300


Package includes:

Analyzing Your Business

Analyze your business and discuss your online advertising goals.


Audience Selection

Expert advice on and selection of the target audience for your campaign.


Advertising Creative

Planning, custom design and copywriting of Ad for your campaign.

Advertising Optimisation

We have some tools and techniques to optimise your campaign, maximize returns.


Conversion Tracking

Track your “ROI” i.e. form enquiry, phone call, online order or pdf download.


Reporting of Results

Detailed reports via email (weekly or monthly – depending on your budget).

Building Awareness, Generating Leads, Converting Prospects


We specialise in creating an unique and high performing social media marketing strategy to ensure you get the outcome you are looking for.

From creative to optimization, we make your ad spend work.

Your right choice of Facebook Ad Agency in Singapore.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy:

To target your audience successfully:


1. Set meaningful social marketing goals

2. Research target audience

3. Establish the most important metrics

4. Analyze competition

5. Create engaging content

6. Make timeliness a top priority

7. Assess results and optimize

8. Communicate goals, challenges and wins

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